by Pepe Belmonte

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The Hermit's Waltz was recorded live over two sessions at The Doghouse Studio. the first in the summer of 2009, the second in the winter of the same year.


released November 5, 2014

Pepe Belmonte - Guitars/ Harmonica/ Vocal
Jo Silverston - Cello/ Vocal
Anna Jenkins - Violin
Andy Lowe - Double Bass
Amy Kelly - Percussion/ Vocal
Ian M Hale - Vocal
Ollie Weeks - Chef do Cuisine

Doghouse Studio Engineers - Mike Silverston & Andrea Feasey
Mixed & Mastered by Mike Silverston

Produced by Pepe Belmonte & Jo Silverston
All songs written by Pepe Belmonte



all rights reserved


Pepe Belmonte UK

Pepe Belmonte is a folk-blues guitar player and singer song-writer. He grew up in Co. Cork on the West coast of Ireland.
With nostalgic and contemporary tones you will be transported to 70s deep swamp America, the Irish countryside and the streets of London on a wave of rock, folk and blues
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Track Name: To the Boys & Girls

There's no freight train common'
And I ain't waiting for no greyhound
'Cos the dollar in my pocket
Its a Sterling pound
And I ain't never caught sight
Of Mr Young's Harvest Moon
I Just cant get me enough of them American tunes

So excuse me while I play this little tribute
To the boy and girls
Of Country, Rock n'Roll, Soul and Blues

Well Elvis had it down
Shaking that pelvis all around
While old John Hooker
Played 'em like you'd never heard
And Hendrix, Holly, Joplin
Morrison, Cash and Otis too
Left us all understanding the eternal blues

I weren't born in the USA
But I've worked on Maggie's Farm
Drunk enough whiskey to know
I don't do too much harm
As long as you got them tunes man
You know you're gonna pull through
All it takes is a couple of tabs
And a gram or two
Track Name: Foolish

Hello there baby how do you do?
I just wanted to call you up and have a word with you
But your voice don't sound as sweet as before
Maybe its because you don't love me no more
Now I feel foolish
Now I feel blue
Feel like a child trying o get along with you

Hello there baby how do you do?
I just wanted to call you up and have a word with you
but your voice don't sound as sweet as it done before
Maybe its because you never loved me at all
Now i feel foolish
Now I feel down
Feel like a lonesome dumb and lovestruck clown

Hello there baby Im thinking of you
Looking out my window here at the full moon
It drive me crazy I'm half way up the wall
Just wanted to spend this night with you thats all
But now I feel foolish
Now i feel down
Fell like a king lost with our his crown
Now i feel foolish
Now I feel down
Feel like a lonesome dumb and lovestruck clown
Now I feel foolish
Now I feel blue
Feel like a child trying o get along with you
Track Name: Pending On My Mind

I took a ride late last night
Deep into that countryside
None of the things I ought to do
Pending on my mind
Pending on my mind
Was you and I

City lights they're making me blind
To the dreams upon which we fly
The blue lights flash and sirens wail
Pulling down hard on my coat tail
And pending on my mind
Was you and I

Theres water in the corner of your eye
But don't sigh the die is cast
Go hold your beacon high on the mountain
The tide is rising fast

They're shooting rounds off at my feet

Every time I gain some ground
Something turns and shoots me back down
The Cuckoo's been breeding in the Robin's nest
Its just a law of love I guess
And pending on my mind
Was you and I
Track Name: Lonely Lady

Lonely lady you've swallowed all my tears
But for whom do you hide your prime fears
There's a pattern forming somewhere child
And yes its straining me too
To be alone with no-one but you
Could cradle this clasping coup
No more no more
Babe its killing me
No time this time
Scarlet lady

Sodium has fun plucked from your weary eye
Its slides they glide over hairs of invisible white
We have spent our times been bent
Under insomnian nights
And the worlds looks so very green to me
Despite these auburn light
It burns it burns lady lets learn
This flesh this mesh this night will return
Track Name: Walk On Down

I got a lonesome letter
From an old friend
Across the border
He writes his minds been roving
But he's too scarred
To make that step

I gotta walk on down

I see a big grey tom cat
Rest his old bones
On my tin roof
And here come dear sweet Lily
She bring sunshine
all about her feet

I raise my weary head
To the morning'
Every morning'
The cuckoo sounds her warnin'
i don't mind
No I don't mind
Track Name: Mountain With A Moving Peak

I started to climb when i could not see
Mountain it was cold mountain it was high
Mountain it would roll with a moving peak
If you want my advice then you'd better not start to climb
A mountain with moving peak

When the four winds blow you'd better hold tight
North she come down freezing south she up come steaming
East she come west she come
Rolling on a thunder streak
If you want my advice then you'd better not start to climb
A mountain with moving peak

Have I committed some kind of crime?
Thought i was walking the line
Now i cant even tell whats mine so to speak
Rocks tumbling all around
Lava flowing up through the ground
Whats that rumbling sound of which you speak?
Its a mountain with moving peak

Lost highway come my way when i was just a boy
Girl she come up swaying take me by the hand saying
I love you, you love me
This boat will never spring a leak
Well the very next thing I find
That woman's left me way behind
And I'm standing on the summit of
A mountain with moving peak
Track Name: Nothing Blue Except The Sky

It makes me blue toy know
We're all alone in the end
So I'm coming up to meet your smile
With nothing blue except the sky

I don't claim to know the truth
But I've seen trouble there in your mind
And a swooping dove and a howlin' wolf
Calling our heart and our soul

When I've shown you the bitter side
Just want you to know I weren't lying
But i don't ever want to make you cry
Your heart is an ocean and its a tide on mine

I know theres magic good and bad
And that this old worlds a fine place to call home
I've heard angels sing songs of praise
While you sleep beside me
Track Name: Mistletoe Kisses

If you ease me down well I won't freeze up on you
your mistletoe kisses so good for a heart torn in two

Well I know you baby I got nothing left to loose
If I hear that long gypsy song I may just make my move

I walk and I crawl this city your songs in my head
Now I find myself standing at the waters edge

But how can I explain to you something you already know so well
You're on a fast moving train and I'm learning to stand still

But if you ever need some company or time of mine just call my name
You opened up your door to a poor boy out in the rain
Track Name: Blues Before Sunrise

Gotten blue before sunrise
Hope the morning the same
'Cos any more blue found round here
Its gonna lead me to an early grave

I spent no time with my lover
Only spread words of lust
Now I'm soon gonna find myself
To be washed up and out of luck

I can't believe in nothing
If it don't hold itself
But my minds been breaking down
Soon I won't have faith in myself

Guide me to the river
I'm so blind these days
I'm gonna throw my body to that cool water
Let it sink to where the water babies play

I'll drift among the rushes
I'll float among sunbeams
My body gonna flow down river
When its clean gonna return to me
Track Name: The Hermit's Waltz

Will you come to the edge with me my love
And hold my hand in yours?
Or will you find another folly
And cast our love adrift?

Well my hearts been won
And my soul is waning too
Will you come to the edge with me my love
Our loving souls to wed?

Like molten steel inside my blood is moving
Since hearing of my true love's choice
No longer her hand will I be holding
And its alone I stand here at the edge

I'll sing no more to entertain or respite ye
And I will dance no longer to be free
But I will sing for those who know a lope thats been lost
And I will dance The Hermit's Waltz